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Take Your Plant Care Skills to the Next Level with Personalized Coaching from James


James is a plant enthusiast offering personalized plant coaching sessions to help you take your plant care skills to the next level. Whether you're a beginner looking to start your plant care journey or a seasoned plant parent seeking to improve your skills, James can provide you with customized guidance and support to help you achieve your plant care goals. In these one-on-one sessions, James will work with you to create a personalized plant care plan, identify and diagnose plant issues, recommend appropriate solutions, and teach you the skills and knowledge you need to maintain healthy and thriving plants. With James's guidance and support, you can elevate your plant care and create a beautiful and thriving indoor jungle. 

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Caring for plants can be so much fun, but also challenging. Whether you’re looking for inspiration to plant style your space, need some help problem solving a plant issue, or you’re simply looking for a plant buddy to geek out on plants with…I hope you’ll reach out! I can hardly wait to meet you and start chatting with you, one-on-one!

- James


Level up your plant care.

20 Minute Virtual Plant Consultation


1 plant - 20 minutes

Let's chat one-on-one! Meet with James and we'll use this session to dive deep on one of your plants.


Coaching Packages

Premium Coaching


3x - 20 minutes

This premium package is designed to help you create your own jungle oasis! Over three sessions, we'll work together to assess, plan, and curate one indoor room or outdoor garden space.


Premium+ Coaching


6x - 20 minutes

If you're serious about plants and want to schedule regular check-ins with your personal Plant Coach, this package offers exceptional value by combining the  Premium Package + three follow-up support sessions.


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