There are two things you can never have too much of in life:

plants & friends

There are two things you can never have too much of in life:

plants & friends


Meet James

He's the passionate plant enthusiast behind the popular TikTok (@pistilsandpollen) and Instagram (@root.leaf.and.petal) accounts. With a deep love for plants, he has inspired countless individuals to embark on their own plant care journeys.

As an experienced educator and content creator, James shares valuable insights, tips, and tricks to help both beginners and seasoned plant parents nurture their indoor jungles. He also offers personalized plant coaching sessions to guide individuals in improving their plant care skills.

Beyond his online presence, James has created an engaging Plant Club, where members connect, share experiences, and receive ongoing support. Soon, he will be launching a new house plant shop and an inspired botanical boutique, offering a curated selection of house plants, garden supplies, botanical apparel, and accessories to help you live your best plant life.

For items not offered in his shops, James has an Amazon storefront featuring a wide range of gardening products and houseplant supplies seen in his content.

Join James on his plant-filled journey, and let him be your trusted guide in creating a flourishing plant oasis.


Plants can connect & ground us to the larger world around us.


Caring for plants can add joy to your day and structure to your week.


The plant life can foster a sense of community with other enthusiasts.

My Story

James is also an author! His book, Woven Together, explores the intersections of religion and ecology. He has a PhD, a Master's degree in Social Justice, and a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Studies. 

When he's not nerding out about plants and writing, you can find him exploring nature. He's a trained naturalist and an amateur birder. 

In the past, he's had the opportunity to attend United Nations conferences on climate change. He's also worked for the Illinois Chapter of the Sierra Club and has done some development work in Bangladesh. He's traveled to Kenya for graduate studies, participated in aquatic research in the Bahamas, field research in Northern Michigan, and studied sustainable tropical agriculture in South Florida.

James calls the Great Lakes region home. You'll often find him writing, gardening, or going for a run along the breathtaking shores of Lake Michigan-Huron, the largest freshwater lake by surface area in the world!

So, join me on this awesome plant-filled journey, and let's create a thriving and purposeful life together!


Is there anything more comforting than a happy home filled with plants?

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